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September 2022

Google Playstore:

Through this succint tutorial, we will go through the design and development of a small expense manager in React Native. This app will help a user save and tag expenses on a remote server using a REST API. It will need to store data locally when no Internet connection is available and sync it when a connection is detected.

Parse is an excellent mBaaS developed by Parse Inc. (acquired by \nFacebook) then abandoned/Open Sourced. It has an active community and \ncan help you build your mobile apps very fast.

Publish Android AAR package to Github
Thursday, September 29th 2022

Generate a personal access token with read/write packages enabled in your Github settings.

In case you use the default vue js build, \nyou will end up having absolute paths for your JS and CSS assets (i.e. \n/js/somejsfiledependency.js). To change this behavior:

On some android devices, specifically those that has x64 architecture, you might run into the following error:

Laravel Deployment - Setup environment
Thursday, September 29th 2022

Install NGINX through apt:

LDAP Account Manager (LAM) is a webfrontend for managing entries\n(e.g. users, groups, DHCP settings) stored in an LDAP directory. LAM was\n designed to make LDAP management as easy as possible for the user. It \n abstracts from the technical details of LDAP and allows persons without\n technical background to manage LDAP entries. If needed, power users \nmay still directly edit LDAP entries via the integrated LDAP browser.\nInstall LAM