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Publish Android AAR package to Github


Generate a personal access token with read/write packages enabled in your Github settings. Read more…

Deploy Parse Server, MongoDB and Parse Dashboard on Ubuntu 18.04

Parse is an excellent mBaaS developed by Parse Inc. (acquired by Facebook) then abandoned/Open Sourced. It has an active community and can help you build your mobile apps very fast.

Parse has SDKs for native android, javascript/react native and is very straightforward to integrate into your app.

If you would like to avoid the hassle of setting up and maintaing your own infrastructure, I recommend using back4app.com which provides good support for parse and offer a fair free tier service:
* Ideal for developing, learning and prototyping * No credit card required10k Requests * 250 MB Database * 1 GB Transfer * 1 GB Storage

In my case, I always prefer maintaining my own servers and infrastructure. This tutorial can be automated by using ansible. but for now we will do the installation manually. Read more…